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Sponsors of Verwood Concert Brass

Thank you to the people who joined our existing sponsors (listed Below). Your generous support is very much appreciated. If you would like to sponsor a player for the year (25), please give Sally Burrows, 01202 813723 A ring. She will be delighted to hear from you. There are still many Training Band members who would love to be sponsored.


Main Band

Position Player Sponsor
Conductor Kevin Smith Cliff Marshall
Principal Cornet Elaine Close Dr Maeve O'Discoll
Solo Cornet Emma Graves Catherine & Gordan Hart 
Solo Cornet Mark Law Gp Capt Fred Spencer OBE
Solo Cornet Naomi Hewin Rotary Club of Verwood 
Solo Cornet Rick Hewin Ringwood Road Stores
Solo Cornet Sophie Howes Rod Howes Maintenance 
Solo Cornet Steve Rowland John & Gwen Turner
(In Memory of Mrs E Townsend)
Soprano Cornet Andy Watson Clive and Bella Jordan 
Repiano Cornet Susan Johnson Phylis Parsons
2nd Cornet Jan Tiller Nicholas O'Hara Funeral Directors 
2nd Cornet Helen Dunnings Verwood Organ and Keyboard Society 
3rd Cornet Eileen Lock John & Lucy Clark
3rd Cornet Jane Smith Nigel & Maggie Lindford 
Solo Horn Graham Carter Rotary Club of Verwood
1st Horn Kay Butler Mrs Vivian Hodges
2nd Horn Tracy Harris Rev Margaret Lindford
1st Baritone Angela Moran A W Andrews Butchers 
2nd Baritone Clare Fawcett Daphne Shearing
Solo Euphonium Ian Harris Verwood School of Motoring 
2nd Euphonium James Fletcher Mary Marshall
1st Trombone Emma Button Verwood Friends of the BSO 
2nd Trombone Georgina Carter Spiers Electronics
Bass Trombone Steve Close Dennis Walker
Eb Bass Duncan Smith Dennis Walker
Eb Bass Jane Cotee Pauline Guy
Bb Bass Mike Dunnings Pat Morrow
Bb Bass Nigel Tiller June & Dave Richards 
Percussion Jack Musselwhite Dennis Pattenden

Town Band

Position Player Sponsor
Principal Cornet Jane Bray Susan Shaw
Solo Cornet Ann Mayo Rotary Club of Verwood 
Solo Cornet Naomi Selby - Grace Michael Ward & Jean Nelmes
Solo Cornet Julie Pegoraro Mr & Mrs D Whitmarsh 
2nd Cornet Mike Billington Jane Roberts
3rd Cornet David Williams Vanessa Curtis
3rd Cornet Sherry Jeary Linda Bowden
3rd Cornet Charlotte Morrey Ron & Norah Sims
Solo Horn Fiona Woolven Ruth & Terry Long
2nd Horn Amy Cooke Brenda Marsden
2nd Horn Gwyneth Selby Brian Curtis
2nd Horn Pam Reeks Dr Anne Hayden
Flugel Horn Ellie Mullins Judith Wilkinson
1st Baritone Mike Tiller David Watson
2nd Baritone Graham Elliot Brenda Marsden
1st Euphonium Ian Jarvie Peggy Marshall
2nd Euphonium Ruth Moorhouse Sonia Maylin 
1st Trombone Sally Burrows Gillian Sidwell 
2nd Trombone Calum Moran John & Gwen Turner
2nd Trombone Mike Daymond  Pamela Daymond
Bass Trombone Daniel Burrows Spiers Electronics
Eb Bass Tim Moorhouse Pauline Furnival 
Eb Bass Robert Graves Catherine & Gordan Hart 
Bb Bass Richard Mullins John & Jessica Sims 
Bb Bass Chris Ide Dr Maeve O'Discoll
Percussion Tom Tiller Gwen Ansty
Percussion Gillian Graves Catherine & Gordon Hart


Training Band

Postition Player Sponsor
Cornet Amiee Sapherson Ron & Norah Sims
Cornet Archie Musselwhite Angela Daymond
Cornet Ben York (Acorn) Rotary Club Of Verwood
Cornet Beth Woods Peter and Ann Coleman
Cornet Finlay Johnson Spiers Electronics
Cornet Fraser Spall Sue & Narman Pearce
Cornet Harry Smith Spiers Electronics
Cornet Harry Wills Olive & Ken Davenport
Cornet Holly Iggulden Janice Jeater
Cornet Isla Close (Acorn) Dennis Pattenden
Cornet Paul Wood Mary Marshall
Cornet Reece Gray Mrs Ann Beattie
Cornet Sophie Thom Sue & Norman Pearce
Cornet Sue Hancock Keith & Marion Mouncey
Cornet Tia Orchard Jan & Nigel Tiller
Horn Jan Swann Michael Ward & Jean Nelmes
Horn Janet Scammell Michael Ward & Jean Nelmes
Horn Joy Alderson Spiers Electronics
Horn Kelly Moore Susan Reynolds
Horn Lucy Thom Rotary Club of Verwood 
Horn Oscar Gorman Mr & Mrs Terry Brittan
Horn Rhys Pegoraro
(Youth Band)
Lyn Newbold
Baritone Libby Viccars Ron & Norah Sims
Baritone Nicola Morey Terry & Diane Grew
Baritone Ronan Cosgrove Ron & Norah Sims
Baritone Susan Ward Michael Ward & Jean Nelmes
Trombone Emma Close Eric Burton
Trombone Jack Ellis (Acorn) Sue & Norman Pearce
Trombone Monty Law Mrs Mary Tuffrey
Trombone Toby Blake Michael Guy
Bb Bass Russell Wyatt Barbara Page
Percussion Charlotte Gray Mrs Ann Beattie
Percussion Thomas Ward Martin Geary, Verwood Probus Club
Percussion Oliver York Freda White





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