It is with great sadness that this posting brings news of the death of Ian Jarvie, Verwood Town Band’s principal euphonium player.

Ian passed away peacefully on Tuesday following a progressive illness that he had kept quiet from most in the band. It is understood that he just wanted to continue playing in the band for as long as he was able to do so, with no fuss or attention. It is only in recent weeks that he was not well enough to attend band rehearsals.

This is perhaps reflective of Ian’s character. He might best be described by the old-fashioned term of being a gentleman and was indeed a gentle man too, being quiet and unassuming. And yet he played in one of the hottest seats in the band, as the principal euphonium player, which demands a lot and leaves few places to hide. He simply took on board whatever was thrown at him with no fuss and let his musical skill and playing ability shine through.

Ian joined Verwood Town Band in 2015 and could always be relied upon to attend band rehearsals and play at concerts and other gigs, as well as the high pressure of performing at contests.

With the Town Band members learning of Ian’s death at last night’s band rehearsal, they reflected upon what a great loss he is to the band and how much they will miss him and grateful to him for choosing to be part of our banding family.

The whole of the Verwood Concert Brass organisation sends its heartfelt condolences to Ian’s family.